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Follow the application link and submit your resume as well as all questions asked in order for us to determine whether or not you would be a good fit for The Founders Fund. After you clear this first phase, separate yourself from the rest of the applicants in a phone screen as well as a final round interview with our executive board. Remember, we do not expect you to know everything about the financial markets, but some knowledge and interest is expected. If you successfully pass through both interviews, you will earn the title of Consulting Analyst or Analyst and collaborate alongside fellow Analysts and Associates. Spend the semester researching one of nine sectors, conducting valuations on various stocks utilizing fundamental analysis, and pitching equities that you believe will earn a substantial return for our portfolio.

Our Application for Spring 2024 Have Closed
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Q: I don't know much about the financial markets but I want to learn. Can I be a Consulting Analyst?

A: Yes; many of our Analysts have joined The Founders Fund with limited investment knowledge. We teach you how to implement technical and fundamental analysis through a rigorous on-boarding session as well as pair you with a Sector Analyst and Associate to work alongside as you research investment ideas within your assigned sector.

Q: When and where does The Fund meet?

A: The Founders Fund meets every Thursday from 6:00-8:00PM in the Warrington College of Business. Location will be announced via email at the beginning of the semester.


Q: I'm involved in other extracurricular activities and have a demanding course load. Is it okay for me to be absent from meetings if necessary?


A: We encourage our members to challenge themselves and get involved in other organizations. However, we must uphold a strict policy in order to preserve the professional brand that we label our organization with. A minimum 24-hour notice must be given unless it is an emergency. Missing meetings without forewarning will result in dismissal from The Founders Fund at the end of the semester. In addition, you must deliver two quality pitches in-person by the end of the semester. Failure to meet this quota will result in having a return offer from the The Founders Fund the following semester rescinded.


Q: Is there a dress code for meetings?


A: Yes; all Consulting Analysts, Analysts and Associates are expected to attend each meeting dressed in a minimum of business professional if pitching and business casual if not pitching.


Q: Are there membership dues?


A: Yes; dues constitute $30.00 paid each semester, subject to change.

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